Exclusive Trainers Jayne Gomez and Michael Alvarez
"Together We Make A Difference"

Perfitness PT offers exclusive personalized services targeted to YOU and YOUR needs only.


Are you tired dieting and working out and not seeing any results?

"We can Help you, We can Proof You Will Lose Weight."

There is no quick fix or magic pill to weight loss and Jayne and Michael practice what they preach. As athletes and Exclusive Trainers, they are truly knowledgeable about both nutrition and fitness and they understand what needs to be done and how to manipulate your body to get you to your individual fitness goals.


"What works for me, Is not going to work for you!" We truly care about every single one of our clients' goals and that's why we are so successful."


 Perfitness PT offers a wide variety of services to help you accomplish your goals such as Online Coaching , Meal Services , One-on-one Training and Worldwide Skype Training.


"We understand that is not about a number on the scale, is about being able to enjoy a healthier version of yourself. We strive to help you break plateaus in your physical fitness, your health, both physical and psychological, and your overall appearance, by motivating and teaching you a new lifestyle, one step at at time."