About Perfitness Personal Training

PERFITNESS ™ offers exclusive personalized concierge-style services targeted to YOU and YOUR needs only.



Workout at our high-end private gym in Westwood or in the comfort of your home!



Train with us wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection!



We'll measure, cook and deliver personalized meals to you, inalignment with your health and fiitness goals.



We'll create a personalized workout program and meal plan specifically for you and your goals.

PerFitness Personal Training takes the various components of personal fitness and makes them a turnkey, customized program for results.

You invest the desire, we do the rest.

Are you tired of dieting and working out and not seeing any lasting results?

We are less about choices and more about results. Rather than add to an already time-compressed schedule, PerFitness Personal Training designs a food and fitness program that is simple to follow and yields results—fast. 


  • No calorie counting

  • No tracking on various apps

  • No more stress about what to eat and when. You are in a restaurant with your family and don't know what to eat? Snap a picture of the menu and we'll tell you what to eat.


 We focus on your nutrition and fitness—so you can focus on getting results.

Perfitness PT offers a wide variety of services to help you accomplish your goals such as In- house training, Online Coaching , Meal Services , One-on-one Training, CEO Training,  Worldwide Skype Training, Total Immersion Programs, among others.


"We understand that for some of you is not about a number on the scale is about being able to enjoy a healthier version of yourself for you and your family. We strive to help you break plateaus in your physical fitness, your health, both physical and psychological, and your overall appearance, by motivating and teaching you how to make fitness a new lifestyle, one step at a time."


About the Founders and Exclusive Trainers



  • Bachelor in Science from Florida International University with a major in Journalism and a minor in Political Science.

  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer 

  • National Qualified Bikini Champion

  • First Aid and CPR Certified



Jayne is the perfect example of following your passion to find personally fulfilling success. While becoming a doctor was a childhood dream, she took a different path in college, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Journalism. After college, she held a highly-visible position with the prestigious NBC/Telemundo in Miami, while staying healthy and fit with various workouts and fitness routines. 

After meeting Michael and seeing how he was transforming lives, she realized she could honor her dream of helping people through the power of personal training. She applied her drive to her new career, giving 100% of herself to fitness and personal training. 


Jayne has quickly gained success as a personal trainer because her clients love her ability to motivate, inspire, and deliver fast results.


Jayne has competed in Body Building Competitions (bikini division), was named Best Trainer in Los Angeles from 2016-2018, is the owner of PerFit Jayne, HourGlass by Jayne and is co-owner and CFO of PERFITNESS™.





  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer 

  • National Qualified Body Building Champion

  • First Aid and CPR Certified


A self-professed work-a-holic who isn’t afraid to fail, Michael Alvarez (Wolf of Fitness) left home when he was 14, and by the age of 19, was the living embodiment of the self-made American dream. With a passion for wellness and natural business acumen, he found astonishing success on the body-conscious streets of Miami, helping the city’s top echelon change their bodies through diet, supplements, and personal training. Michael has experienced the highs and lows of success and has used the lows to propel himself even higher than he was before. He has made a name for himself bi-coastally; training high-achieving professionals who love a good challenge and have mastered everything—except their own bodies. His business savvy and passion for inspiring true change are well documented in his active social media feed. 


Michael can be proud of various achievements in his field, including contributing to top fitness and lifestyle companies like GNC, Total Nutrition, and Jenny Craig; being named Best Trainer in Los Angeles for the past 3 years, and serving as Owner and CEO of PERFITNESS™  and Ram Sports Nutrition.



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