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Kendall Hefner
Jul 21, 2021
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I get asked all the time " How do you stay motivated to workout and eat well?" Short Answer: I don't. In the beginning of my fitness journey, the motivation came easily. I began following my first gym plan as a New Year's Resolution. I bought myself new gym clothes, I followed every fitness account I could find and I kept up with many fitness journals;I was feeling amazing! I knew I had 25 pounds to lose in order to sit at my goal weight, so weekly weigh-ins helped me find motivation. Five months in, I had made it to my goal weight and was loving the confidence that came along with my new body. Friends and family complimented my achievement, I felt comfortable buying new clothing and I loved looking back at old pictures to see my progress. Although I was happy with where I had gotten to, I couldn't shake the question of "Now what?" I realized my work would be undergoing a shift from transformation to maintenance. I was no longer going to see the scale drop pound by pound and the compliments from friends and family would become less and less. The exercises that seemed so challenging at first were now a daily thing for me. I started to worry that lack of motivation would cause me to regress to my old ways and that all the work I had done would be for nothing. However, this is what I've learned: Discipline > Motivation Motivation is temporary. Discipline gets me to the gym. I am like anyone else. I get stressed out.I crave junk food. My body gets sore from workouts. Eating well and working out is a constant CHOICE that I make for myself. I have gained the necessary discipline to maintain my progress. I know that I need to do some sort of physical activity to feel my best at least 5 days a week. This has become one of my non-negotiables. I will schedule time to break a sweat into my week. This discipline helps when hitting snooze sounds so much better than cardio or when Happy Hour with the girls sounds much better than my meal prepped grilled chicken. 2. You have to be your own cheerleader. People get weird when it comes to you choosing to do self care. Often times, this comes from their own insecurities. By you taking care of yourself, it shows them that they have the potential to do the same. People will encourage you to get off track. "Just skip the gym this one time." "One day of bad eating isn't going to hurt you." You have to find that inner reassurance that you know what is best for you so you can continue to make decisions that will benefit you in the long run. 3. If you find motivation, hold on to it! Sure, initial motivation is great, but we can work to create that same spark down the road. I have really enjoyed getting motivated by the smaller things. This could mean buying myself a new workout outfit, creating a new playlist for my lift or challenging myself to go up in weight. When we create a positive environment for ourselves and surround ourselves with things that push us in the right direction, we increase the chance of motivation arising. Keep working hard. You got this! Xoxo, Kendall
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Kendall Hefner

Kendall Hefner

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