We offer no rescheduling or cancelations for single sessions and for the 1-month training package.

Online Skype sessions can be rescheduled as long as the "Client" provides a 24hr prior notice.

If you purchase an online training package, it is your responsibility to follow the program we send you and is also your responsibility to send us the bi-weekly check-ins. Even if we don't hear from you or you don't answer our emails, your program will continue in effect and therefore it would end as programmed. We don't offer holds for online training packages.


Unlimited Rescheduling:

  • Only the 3- 6-12 Month Training Packages include the option of unlimited scheduling as long as the "Client" provides a 3-day prior notice to “PERFITNESS." Any cancelation or attempt to reschedule after this period would be denied and the class would be marked as completed.

  • Under any circumstances, if the "Client" misses an already scheduled class, that class will be marked as COMPLETED. Once a class has been rescheduled, it cannot be rescheduled again.