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Eating Healthy Salad

Are you finally ready for a realistic lifestyle change that's right  for you? 

A nutrition session with us is a 1: 1 counseling that will provide tools to change lifestyle, reach your physical goals, improve performance, strength and feel much more confident in your body.

Nutrition Session

How does it work?

Video Call

One on One call

We will get to know you, your habits, food preferences and we will give orientations around the meal plan and changes to make around habits. 

Seasoning Salad

Customized Nutrition PLAN

Every client receives a customized macronutrient plan based on their goals. WIth multiple options and extras.


Constant monitoring

We will be in contact if you have any doubts by chat.

We will have subsequent calls till your objectives are met.
Citrus Fruits
Eat better with no restriction.
Learn how and what to eat 


How is your diet?

Get a free quiz to evaluate your satisfaction

of your current diet, from there we can make changes.

Meet the Team

This is are the nutritionist that will guide you to have a sustainable healthy diet


Are you busy? 
Vitabowl will help you have a healthy lifestyle if are just to busy to cook or think what to eat. We work together to adapt your meals on Vitabowl to your plans. 
They are superfoods meals, chef refined, free from antibiotics, preservatives, gluten and sugar.

Workout Break



Get a recipe book with


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