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10 ways to include vegetables and fruits in your meals and snacks

Food fads come and go, but fruits and vegetables have stayed firmly at the top of the list of recommended foods

They are colorful, tasty, versatile and full of healthy compounds like vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and fiber. However, they can be easily overlooked in the supermarket

Below I leave you some ways in which fruits and vegetales can brighten up even the most boring dish:

1.- Fruit an vegetable smoothies or juices

2.- Baked potato topping with beans, sauce and broccoli

3.- Apple, banana or celery with peanut butter

4.- A salad with lettuce or spinach base with chicken, tuna, bacon, steak or beans

5.- Fresh vegetables like cooked broccoli or cauliflower steam seamed with cheese, butter, salt and/or other seasoning

6.- Add vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, onion a burrito or taco

7.- Add vegetables to pasta and rice

8.- Pre-cut vegetables with salad dressing or hummus

9.- Add vegetables to the main dished like sandwiches and pizza

10.- Add frozen spinach to eggs scrambled or omelettes

Which of these options will you try this week? :)


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