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Sports VS Cardio

Hey everyone!

So I know most are not a big fan of stationary cardio (What is STATIONARY CARDIO?) - is any kind of cardio that is on a stationary machine such as a treadmill or elliptical. I suggest active cardio as a substitution. (WHAT IS ACTIVE CARDIO?) - ACTIVE CARDIO is any type of cardio you get through the activity of sports or outdoors.

The full body workout you receive through participating in sports is unlike any kind of cardio you can find on a stationary machine. The explosive physical movements needed to play a sport creates a new type of challenge while doing "ACTIVE CARDIO" which will force you to make a decision to either keep pushing your body to new limits or give up. "Here at PERFITNESS we never Give Up so lets push to new limits"

You may be thinking...well, I love sports, but I'm not physically ready to participate in any. Or maybe you're naturally on the skinnier side and are afraid to do cardio because you don't want to lose any weight. For both examples, that's when nutrition comes into play! The great news is that at Perfitness we can take care of the nutrition for you: . We can slim you down and take off the extra pressure on your joints, on another hand, if you struggle to gain muscle we will feed you the right amount of nutrients to ensure that you gain muscle instead of fat.

I've always been passionate about football, and realized when I stopped playing it, I couldn't get myself into doing cardio at the gym.I realized I'm not the type of person who can stay on a treadmill staring at a wall for 30 minutes, my attention span just won't allow it, Believe it or not I'm super hyper active, so going through a simulation of running on a treadmill just isn't enough to stimulate me and keep me focused. Sports stimulate me because of the needed amount of concentration given to successfully execute playing the sport, also there is way more human interaction through sports which is always a plus for me, being that i'am very social.


* Improved cardiovascular health. The heart is a muscle, it needs to be worked out! Sport exercise can help improve the overall health of your entire cardiovascular system.

* Improved muscular strength and endurance. Resistance exercises challenge your muscular system, resulting in bigger, stronger muscles.

* Stress relief. Sports is a great mood-booster and has proven to be an effective method of stress relief.

* Improved sleep. We know just how important sleep is, and the energy needed to participate in sports can help you capitalize on these benefits.

* Sports can improved joint flexibility and range of motion. Improved flexibility reduces risk of injury.

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