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How To Get A Workout In No Matter What!

With holidays coming up, fitness and eating habits may tend to slip. Everyone has their WHY. Why do I get up every morning to go to the gym? Why am I so motivated to push my body beyond its limits. Why do I make sure I don't miss a work out session on my training days.

Especially with the holidays coming up, it's even more important that you find your WHY so you don't get off track from the goals you want to accomplish. I'll be traveling to the east coast for Thanksgiving, so it will be extremely tempting to eat all the great food that comes with the holidays. On another hand, my local gym isn't in the east coast, so I guess I should just wait until I get back to LA to work out ? WRONG.

My WHY is the fact that I am naturally skinnier, so I can't afford to take a days off or I will lose muscle a lot faster than it took me to gain the muscle. I know how hard I work and it makes me feel amazing seeing my results and overall growth. I've notice I don't feel my best when I skip workouts. So I try my hardest not to allow myself to slack and get out of my routine.

Here are some of my go to tips that help me not to skip my workouts.

1. FIND SOMEONE WHO INSPIRES YOU! - For me a lot of my fitness idols such as @Ulissesworld keeps me motivated and driven to keep pushing. Thats the type of body I see myself reaching at some point in my life. So I don't want to fall back on my progression by skipping days.

2. DRESS FOR A WORK OUT, EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT FEELING - Honestly for me my first step to getting up and working out is getting changed into workout clothes. I feel like for most people once they get dressed for anything whether it's going out to events, or out with friends, no one wants to waste an outfit. So if you find yourself lacking motivation to go to the gym, at least try and get dressed for the gym, and see if it changes your mindset.

3. CONSIDER A TRAINER - Consider a Perfitness Exclusive Trainer 310-421-8303. For more information.

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