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3 essential BELIEFS to create LASTING changes

Hello!! I hope you are very well :)

Today I will tell you 3 essential beliefs to create lasting changes, remember that the goal is to create changes and a lifestyle that lasts over time.

Losing weight for a few months but then gaining it back or exercising for a few weeks or months and then going back to a sedentary lifestyle or increasing your vegetable intake for a few days and then quitting are scenarios that happen so often and really not that difficult of doing. We all can lose weight, exercise, and eat vegetables for a while. It doesn't have much science.

The real challenge is to achieve your health goals, body composition, habits, etc. and to maintain those results in the long term. This is perfectly possible and I always tell my clients that an external change that lasts over time is really an internal change.

Successful weight loss starts in the mind, never forget that. And much of our mindset has to do with our beliefs.

A person works based on the beliefs that he has, this is so, period. And that is why it is better to make a conscious choice. If we are going to function based on what we believe, it is better to make sure that our beliefs are positive, they drive us and are aligned with the truth.

Right away I leave you 3 essential beliefs to create lasting changes, I love the word lasting. Enough of results and temporary changes. We want something that lasts over time:

First we have to believe: “Something HAS to change”

The vocabulary we use is very important.

Often people say “I should” lose weight or “I could start to get active” but we know full well that we can saddle ourselves with all the “shoulds” and “coulds” in the world without having changed a single thing in our lives.

So first we have to believe “Something has to change”. Not that it "should" or "could" change but that it HAS to change.

This is a FUNDAMENTAL point. When you give the signal to the brain that enough is enough and that something HAS to change, an area of the brain is activated which gets to work for you to achieve it. It's not magic. Simply by seeing that it is something that really has to change, your brain acts in your favor and the process towards change is started.

We not only have to believe that things have to change. But we also have to believe: I HAVE to change it

Uff, this point is critical and very important, we have to see ourselves as the source of change.

No one will make the change for us, we should not wait for someone to make the change for us. We are responsible and no one else for our own change.

Obviously it is good and desirable to ask for help, to ask for support and to have a guide but in the end we are the ones who are going to cause our own change. We accept that responsibility.

So it's super important not only to believe that things have to change, but also that we have to believe: I HAVE TO CHANGE IT.

We have to believe: I CAN change it

Only what is previously considered possible is achievable.

You have all the potential and ability to make positive changes in your life. It is very important that you believe it is possible, that you see yourself as a capable person.

I am convinced that you CAN be healthy and fit while still living your life.

It doesn't matter what you look like, where you come from or how far you have to go. The tools you need you already carry with you.

The only thing you need is a SYSTEM, is to focus on what really matters, develop the skills that will lead you to achieve your goals and remember that all skills are trainable, you can develop any skill you want with practice, time and patience , this is great news because the only thing keeping you from your goals is a skill set.

Without believing that we can really change it is impossible to do so. Therefore the belief of: I CAN change it is very important.


Of course there are other beliefs that are very important to have, but these 3 in the field of improving body composition and habits are the ones that I have observed that people lack the most, I run into a lot of people who do not believe that something has to change, that they do not see themselves as the source of the change and that they believe that they cannot change it. Thinking in this way is that it is impossible to change and in that case any change they make runs the risk of being only temporary.

On the other hand, the people who really have these 3 positive beliefs: Something HAS to change, I HAVE to change it and I CAN change it, they don't even imagine how far they can go, those are the people who really manage to change and manage to maintain their results in the long term.

I sincerely hope that it serves and helps you,

Thank you for reading,



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