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5 reasons why you feel hungrier

Hello!! Have you noticed that some days you are hungrier than others? It's completely normal! Below I will tell you the 5 main reasons why this happens:

1.- You are with premenstrual syndrome or on your period

In the luteal phase it is normal to have an increase in hunger due to hormonal changes, in this phase there is a decrease in estrogen levels therefore there is a greater appetite but it also increases the metabolic rate so it is a very good idea to pay attention to your hunger signals and increase your caloric intake

2.- You had a change in your activity

Maybe you had a very hard workout, or walked more during the day or days before, or increased your activity.

We probably won't do exactly the same thing every day, so our hunger level will fluctuate

3.- You ate less that day or days before

Maybe you ate a lighter meal earlier in the day or maybe for a few days you didn't eat as much (usually of certain types of foods/nutrients!)

Then the body detects this decrease in caloric intake and it is likely that the body wants to catch up and this is completely normal.

4.- Your body is fighting a disease

One that may or may not be able to feel! you have a fever? metabolism can increase by up to 10-13% for every 1C increase in body temperature

Infection or disease? also an increase! the body has to work harder to build new tissues and create an immune response

5.- You have normal hunger fluctuations!

Sometimes we may not be able to identify a "reason," but that doesn't mean increased hunger isn't valid.

Our appetites can change day to day based on so many factors, our bodies are smart, honor the hunger you feel!

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