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A TIP when implementing a HABIT in your life

Hello, it's nice to greet you! How has your week being? I hope it's great!!

Today I want to tell you a tip that is very effective when it comes to implementing habits.

It is about anticipating the possible obstacles that may arise along the way, I explain below:

There are times when positive thinking serves as an ally, for example when you are trying to change a behavior and you see yourself as capable of doing what you propose to do. But it is very important to combine that positive thinking with a good dose of negative thinking, identifying possible obstacles that may arise along the way.

If we are 100% positive and do not consider possible scenarios that could come between us and the new habit, what will happen is that when those scenarios appear we will not know what to do and the motivation will be lower so the chances of abandoning that habit will be greater.

I have realized the importance of this, which is why I always ask my clients: What obstacles do you think may arise when implementing the action we agreed upon? I let them first think about the possible scenarios that may arise before offering my own ideas and it is impressive how this helps us in the process.

Let's say you are trying to exercise every morning, how will you achieve that goal on the days when for some reason you stay up late or didn't sleep well?

Or maybe you are trying to eat slowly, what will you do so you don't forget?

Or maybe you are trying to increase your vegetable consumption. What can get in the way? Would a little organization and preparation beforehand be useful to always have vegetables available in the refrigerator?

The point is to identify the possible obstacles that may arise along the way to ANTICIPATE THEM, to have a plan for what to do in those situations and your plan depends on you thinking about all the things that could go off the rails.

Therefore, when you want to implement a new habit or have a plan to follow, get a little negative by brainstorming about what could get in your way, once you have that brainstorm come up with solutions and a plan to follow to anticipate them, that way your chances of success will greatly increase.

That's what I wanted to tell you today, I sincerely hope that it serves and helps you!

Thanks for reading,



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