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Can you still have DESSERTS AND lose weight?

Desserts are the “enemy” for many people, it is believed that because it’s mainly flour, sugar and fat it will go straight to your tightS or abdomen. Contrary to what you think, this is not TRUE.


You may also have heard that to make one pound of fat you have to have 3500 calories, and a slice of cake doesn’t have, nor a cookie or a donut, it has around 270 calories tops.

Cookies can have less than 200 calories, in some cases having one cookie can have even lower calories, fat and sugar compared to many protein bars.

It depends on the brand. There are many protein bars that have even lower fat, and sugar than any dessert, but that doesn’t compare to one cookie, the sensation is different, and the extra of the protein bar is the PROTEIN that many cookies and desserts lack. 

So yeah you can still have one cookie, one slice of cake or one donut and it doesn't affect your body progress. BUT HOW? 

How can you add desserts into your meals and be on track with your goals? 

First, we need to focus that most foods that you have are dense in macro and micronutrients, Lots of fiber, color, protein, healthy fats, legumes and if you want and like them whole grains. Choose one day, or a meal to incorporate that dessert, maybe a special occasion you are going to try that new coffee place uptown, on a holiday maybe. Let’s step an example: 

During the whole week you have a balance, complete meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as having great snacks. You can add a cookie maybe in the middle of the week, instead of having the “normal” snack or pre workout snack. As a preworkout can help you to feel even more energized, it’s more easy to absorb so you will use all that energy more easily during your workouts.

And you know that on the weekend you are going out with friends to a new restaurant, you know what to pick to have a great balanced meal, but you want to have the chocolate lava cake with ice cream, you maybe share it maybe not, but you enjoy it till YOU FEEL SATISFIED. 

That how you incorporate: 

  • Keep the majority of food balanced, that keep satisfied and according to your needs

  • You add the dessert as another options when you wanna change snacks 

  • You add the desserts when you wanna enjoy them, not because you are bored

If you are that type of person that you need to have something sweet every day, yeah there is fruit, A GREAT OPTION, but there are also many recipes that doesn’t have high quantities of sugar 

One of our favorites is PANNA COTTA or jello with gelatin or a yogurt mousse, that’s high in protein, you can add fruit and make great desserts. 

Other is the banana desserts with oats, like bread, cookies, and baked oats that are a great dessert or breakfast. 

There are many ways you can incorporate your favorite snacks, desserts and be healthy, the key is BALANCE. Know how to balance a meal, incorporate fiber, color, vitamins and protein. 

How do you add your favorite desserts on the daily? Let us know on instagram


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