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Does the EMS suit really work?

Does the EMS suit really work?

Is one of the biggest questions people have before they give it a try! And without a doubt I can say “yes it does”, but it is not like some EMS companies claim that you can just go on with your daily life and get instant results; no, you need to still exercise to get the results you desire.

A short description on what EMS is(for those who not know). EMS stands for electro muscle stimulation, it basically works by sending low-frequency electro impulses to contract your muscles double the amount as traditional exercises do. This means that you don’t have to spend multiple hours in the gym to feel like you got a good workout in, usually a 20-minute session is enough for your muscles to feel like they been working out for hours! Which also leads to faster results for a shorter period of time, the recommendations are to use the EMS suit 1-2 days a week; it’s also perfectly fine to do traditional workouts on the days you don’t use the EMS(but not necessary).

A lot of my clients before they try it are skeptical and quite frankly a bit scared, because it’s something unknown; that’s 100% understandable we humans work like that, everything unknown is a bit scary. But as soon as they try it they understand why it gives faster results, it’s a higher intensity workout without compromising your muscles from fatiguing. And the charm about is that everybody can use it, from the strongest athlete to the injured middle aged. EMS has been use in physiotherapy for decades and is an effective way to strengthen and target the areas where you’re weaker, and it also helps with muscle recovery! i can 100% promise you if you’ll give it a try you’ll be hooked, it will improve you overall strength and help you reduced fat to engage faster weight loss!


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