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Stronger At Any Age

Why strength training is as important later in life as when you’re young! Many people have the perception that as you grow older you don’t have to move your body as much, and that you don’t use your muscles the same way as when you were younger. Which is totally different from the actual truth! There’s studies that show that if you’re strength training in your late 50’s and up, you will have little to no decrease in your metabolism as you’re getting older.

Another important aspect of strength training in your older age, is that when you’re turning about 30, both men and women, lose muscle mass at about a rate of 10 percent every decade until turning about 50, then the loss exceeds to 15 percent every decade, So what else are the benefits of strength training in your later years, you may wonder. I’m gonna tell you that!

So aside from reserving muscle mass and an increased metabolism, there’s countless of benefits from strength training including:

  • Improving mental well-being

  • Prevent or reduce many chronic conditions(arthritis, heart disease, diabetes etc)

  • More strength for everyday use(carry groceries, lift different heavy object etc)

  • Improve balance, coordination and mobility

  • Stronger bones

  • better sleep

With my stronger at any age program you get all the tools you need to succeed in your journey to get stronger! So if you’re hesitating to start you fitness journey, stop hesitating now and make it your priority! You’re gonna thank yourself later!


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