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Fight Fit

Hi! My Name is Dorian Taylor. I am a male trainer at PERFITNESS™, with a specialty in MMA (Boxing, Muay thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu). Just a little bit about myself… when I was young, I was a bit more on the heavier side. I was insecure about my weight and did not like the way I looked. It was not until I started training in martial arts, when I started to lose weight and Unleash My Best Body! When I started in martial arts, I began with Japanese Jiu Jitsu. After, I moved to MMA, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing.

Out of all these disciplines, two that I admire the most is Boxing and kickboxing. Not only are they great tools for self defense, you can also get a fantastic workout from them. I am going to share with you the workout I like to do when I am getting ready for a fight or if I just want to get a good sweat going.

Workout Breakdown

This workout will consist of a warm up, jump-rope, shadow boxing, heavy bag work and then Finally light calisthenic work to help improve the muscles that are involved in boxing and kickboxing.

  1. Warmup: Jump Rope: 5-10 minutes

    1. Detail: Before you start any workout, you always want to warm up. This will help the body get your muscles and joints loosened up, and is great preventative measures for injury.

  1. Jump Rope is used to not only warm up the body but also improve on footwork. Footwork is a very valuable tool used in boxing and kickboxing. This helps fighters move around their opponent and create angles to help them land combinations. This is the reason you see so many boxers jumping rope.

  1. Shadow Boxing: 15-20 minutes

    1. Detail: Shadowboxing is basically you mirroring an opponent in front of you and visualizing how you will move around them, as well as practicing your combinations and your defense. The goal of shadow boxing is to practice your technique without there being an external object in front of you. You shouldn't throw punches fast or hard while shadow boxing. I usually like to take my time when I do this, so I can perfect my technique.

  1. Heavy Bag Work: 4 five minute rounds for 20 minutes, 6 five minute rounds for 30 minutes

    1. Detail: Now that you are warmed up and have practiced your technique with shadow boxing, it's time to turn to the heavy bag. This is when you put your shadow boxing to work. When you first start hitting the bag, you want to start off slow, working your technique, finding your range, and working your angles. After the first two rounds on the bag you can start to pick up your speed and start adding power to your shots. Do not lose track of your technique. A lot of times when people start hitting the bag harder and faster, they lose track of their technique. This will cause your shots to look more sloppy.

  1. Light Calisthenic Work

    1. Now it is time to finish the work out by strengthening the muscle groups.

    2. Step 1: Shoulder Taps: 30 Seconds

      1. Detail: Drop down to a push-up position on your hands and you simply just alternate tapping your shoulders with each hand. Prevent your body from rocking side to side while lifting your hands up to touch your shoulders.

    3. Step 2: Plank Position Taps: 30 Seconds

      1. Detail: Alternate touching the ground in front of you with both hands.

    4. Step 3: Penguins or Heel Touches

      1. Detail: Lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground. Lift your shoulders on the floor and rock your body side to side touching your heels. This will work your abdominal obliques, which helps you with body rotation when throwing punches and kicks.


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