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I consider it is important to clarify the concepts before giving you today's advice.

Motivation as everyone understands it and the concept we have is this force that allows us to do things we don't want to do because we don't feel like it. That is, what I have observed is that people practically use motivation and willpower as synonyms. And that's a really short font. It is a very very small fuel tank. If we have this concept, we can say with certainty that motivation is not a good travel companion because it is almost never there when you need it.

However, for me that is not really the motivation, that is the concept that everyone has and it has spread, but really the motivation is something else, it is the existence of a VERY good reason to do something.

So taking this into account, the advice I give you to increase motivation is to find a VERY GOOD REASON to do things.

I have come across many people where their doctors recommend losing weight for health and to avoid future complications, and many people understand the approach intellectually but do not really assimilate it, since many people are unable to eat better or exercise to solve a problem that they don't have yet. So they understand the reasons (for example to avoid future health problems) but for many people that is not a compelling reason. And that is why so many people say that they lack motivation or that they do not have willpower, because their motives do not really move them.

Losing weight is one of the objectives that so many people who are overweight or obese set themselves but who continually fail, the rate of people who set out to lose weight or improve their body composition and finally achieve it and actually maintain that weight loss afterwards is really poor. It is a very very low percentage. And this is due, among other things (such as the methodology they follow), in large part to what is behind it.

When someone is asked to lose weight because it will be good for their health, they are being taken to the future, but it is not a problem that bothers them today, it can bother them if they put themselves in the shoes of what the future would be, but hey, from here to the future so many things can happen, right? So this exercise or deprive myself of eating in large quantities is not something that interests me today.

Another thing is, for example, people who are very scared because of being overweight, people who, for example, have had a heart attack and survive it, there normally they already have a very good reason to lose weight, such as not wanting to leave their children, etc. So they suddenly have motivation to lose weight.

I believe that it is perfectly possible to find motivation without the need for such a big scare, simply by looking within yourself. So to find motivation, we have to find a reason, that means something to us personally, something that moves us.

Ask yourself: Why am I doing this?

This is the big question that will tell us what motives we have. If I have great reasons I will have motivation, but if I don't have a great reason I depend exclusively on my willpower, and that has very short legs, willpower runs out quickly, if possible we have to be able to NEVER need of willpower.

We have to have sufficiently strong motives to do things almost on impulse, almost because we don't consider any other possibility. If the motive is good enough you don't need willpower, you will want to do it. You'll get to it, right away.

But if it is difficult for you, if you are one of the people who say: "It's that I lack motivation", "I lack willpower", "I don't know what's wrong with me that I don't get to it", check your reasons, it means that your reasons are not good enough for you, that maybe you do it because the doctor told you to, that maybe you do it to improve your health in the future, but if it is difficult for you, it is because of those reasons they are not moving enough for you, find yourself GOOD reasons and you will never require your willpower.

So, you have two tasks today, ask yourself the following:

Why am I doing this?

And then ask yourself:

Why am I really doing this?

Finding your deep motive creates the will to keep going, no matter what. And that reason you have to find out, we all have different reasons

I sincerely hope that this article serves and helps you,

Thank you for reading,


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