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HOW TO set GOALS and create HABITS

New Year is just around the corner, what were your goals for 2023? 

The most probable thing is that most of these were left aside or semi achieved or just lost motivation half way. 

Instead of bashing yourself for not achieving the goals you set, let’s take this time to set new goals and use the knowledge of the beginning of this year to create a better plan. 

1- Be REAL 

You didn't achieve all the goals or most of the goals that you enlisted yourself, it’s okay, most of those are just something we WANNA DO, but most of the time it’s not something we CAN DO. 

What did you learn about it? 

Maybe you don’t like crossfit or you just have a small window of time during the evening, night or morning. Maybe Meal Prep isn’t for you, but you like prepping fruits and veggies for the week. 

Not achieving something is not a “failure” this is power KNOWLEDGE, use it to your advantage.


“I wanna go to the gym 7 times a week”. 

Who really wants to go 7 times a week when starting out? Inaccurate and not sustainable. If you haven’t started going to the gym, going for a whole week at first can seem easy and achievable for a little while cause the motivation is quite high. 

As time goes by the motivation will go down, you might not like going to gym, you might feel maybe too sore or even get injured. You might stop doing because of this and left behind this goal. 

BE REAL, the most conceivable idea is to start with 3 times a week and as time goes by add up some days more in the gym during the week. Or maybe you just go 3 times a week and the rest of the days you prefer to go swimming or running. 

You need to be flexible with those goals and remember we are HUMANS we are not machines so we need to like what we do everyday. 

3- Planing 

Planning the way and when you wanna achieve those goals can help you to get more visual goals and help you establish more small specific goals for each day, week and month. Lets say: 

“I’m going to eat a salad four times a week during this month”

So let’s plan a goal for each of the next month: 

  • 1st: I’m going to eat a salad every tuesday 

  • 2nd: I’m going to eat a salad every tuesday and wednesday 

  • 3er: Eat a salad recipe monday - tuesday, wednesday a more whole salad 

  • 4t: Eat a salad recipe on monday - tuesday and wednesday - thursday. 

So on the first week search for a recipe, and with the recipe measure how much you need to create a portion for you, go to store and buy enough for one or two portions, establish a day of the week to go shopping and put the intention on trying a new salad that week, even if it just a day on the week this will help you to feel motivated cause you are finding the bets options for you, and creating a habits out of your own formula. 

Reset for next week.

4- REWARD yourself

Rewarding yourself to keep your self going is a great strategy, keep you motivated and make you wanna achieve the goals you are setting just to get yourself going, but don’t: 

  • Reward yourself with food 

  • Punish yourself 

  • Be the same reward you set yourself 

Instead reward yourself with: 

  • An activity. Food isn’t a reward but it can be a part of the activity, instead of putting a reward of “Eat a chocolate cake” change the reward to an activity, “Bake a chocolate cake” or “ visiting my favorite cafeteria to eat a chocolate cake slice with my friend”.  So create an activity instead of rewarding yourself with food, food can be part of it, but it isn’t a reward. 

  • Self Care. Spa day, massages, meditating, going to a class, reading, going for a walk or to the beach can be great rewards for achieving your goals. 

  • Movie or series . Maybe there is a movie coming up this weekend or a new series, let’s say a marathon of your favorite movie genre. Accompany with popcorn, snacks.

Creating goals into habits are quite simple but you need to evaluate your time table, availability, your likes and dislikes and start from small to big. 

You maybe need a little more guide, our NEW EBOOK "NEW YEAR NEW HABITS 2024" can be a great a bigger guide to create new habits this year 2024. 


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