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NATURAL VS GREEK YOGURT: Which is the best?

When you are starting a fitness journey the main recommendation is to add dairy products, this because it is high bioavailability, this means that it is easy to digest, absorb and to use. 

MILK is a great product to have as a post workout drink if you don’t like protein shakes, and there are many reasons to this. But YOGURT is an amazing product as well, with even greater benefits than milk.


To create yogurt there has to be a  fermentation process by adding starting cultures, this creates beneficial organisms called probiotics, that help maintain a healthy gut, help with the stomach flow and many more.


Lactose is carbohydrate sugar, these microorganisms that are added to create yogurt use sugar as a “meal”, lowering the lactose in milk and when the process is done it has none to little quantity. 

So anyone who is lactose intolerant can have yogurt, but always check your tolerance first, and if it is still causing you tummy problems it can mean that you have other intolerances to a specific protein or fat. 

  • LOW FAT.

The food industry is so advanced that you can find options that have even less fat, if your goals are to lower the fat intake or it generates intolerance. 

But which is the best? NATURAL OR GREEK YOGURT. 

It depends on goals and objectives. They are made from the same ingredients but diffe in nutrients. 

Natural yogurt does have less calories and high in calcium; but compared to greek, this has more protein, less lactose and even thicker consistency. CHECK THE TABLE OUT:


Choose natural if: 

  • You wanna integrate on the daily  as a great probiotic source 

  • You need a bit more of calcium on your diet 

  • You need a more low calorie option 

Choose Greek yogurt if: 

  • You have the goal to add more protein on your meals 

  • You need high in calories in a really low portions 

When choosing a yogurt try to look out for the next things: 

  1. Prefer natural options, no added sugar, fruits or grains. You can add those at home

  2. Prefer a product that has only the top 3 ingredients. 

  3. Avoid yogurt that has any added flour or starch to make it thicker. 

Here are our favorite ones that you can find in the groceries: 

There are also yogurts that are even higher in protein, if you need a bit more, or don’t have any time in the morning these can be a time saver.

WE CAN ALL AGREE, DAIRY products are amazing to incluid in your diet for a healthy life, but chossing the right one can help you a lot to chosse your goals.


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