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Sleep and fitness

Have you ever worked out when you had little to no sleep? It doesn’t work, you just feel unmotivated and get fatigued fast. To get enough sleep helps you recover faster, which in other hand helps you get more energized, work out harder and build lean muscle quicker than when you don’t have enough sleep.

Studies from Center of Disease Control and Prevention, shows that more than 35% of people are sleep-deprived, that means 1 in 3 people aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis. On average an adult should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but depending on how active you are that can mean you need even more than that! When you practice an active lifestyle, your body desperately needs more rest. When feeling well-rested, you gonna perform better, which means more intense workouts and less fatigued. Athletes are suggested sleeping up to 10 hours, because sleep is that crucial for recovery.

Studies also show that bad sleeping habits are a direct link to lack of motivation, so if you feel like you’re struggling with accomplishing goals and don’t know why. Try make new sleeping habits and see if that will work!

So what can you do to help yourself get better sleep? Here’s some tips:

-Create a sleeping schedule; and try to maintain it during weekends and holidays too.

-Create a bedtime ritual; read a book or meditate for example.

-Don’t try going to sleep hungry or stuffed; try and eat something 3 hours before bedtime.

-Make sure the room is dark and quiet, cool air may also improve your quality of sleep.


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