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The importance of energy balance

Surely you have heard someone say the following: “Calories don't matter if you eat healthy”, another phrase that is constantly heard and is completely a LIE, let's see why.

Don't calories matter? So:

*Why are there people who are overweight or obese who, despite eating food classified as “Healthy”, cannot lose weight?

*Why are there so many people who, despite doing strength exercises, training 2 hours/day and having their shaker on hand, every time they step on the scale they still see the same number?

*Why are there people who consume only foods considered Fast Food and still lose weight?

The answer is very simple: Because calories DO matter.

Returning to the previous questions:

In the first case the person has a POSITIVE energy balance, that is, they eat too much, yes, healthy food but more than their body needs, therefore there is weight gain.

In the second case, the person does not eat enough to achieve their goal, that is, they are in a NEUTRAL energy balance, therefore their weight is maintained.

In the third case, the person eats very little, that is, they are in a NEGATIVE energy balance, which translates into a weight reduction, even if they only eat foods classified as Fast Food, if they eat less than what their body requires, there will be a reduction in weight.

CONCLUSION: Calories, that is, quantities DO matter and ENERGY BALANCE is the most important factor when developing a nutritional program.

If your daily energy requirement is 2,500 Kcal then any excess calorie whether it comes from a Chicken Breast Salad or a Big-Mac will cause weight gain due to the excess calories and not from the food itself.

BUT we don't have to be extremists either, the fact that calories do matter DOES NOT mean that it is the only thing that matters, if we eat pure food classified as "junk" or Fast Food we probably have a deficient supply of some nutrients, this is where it comes in Food quality: The more micronutrients, fewer simple sugars and fewer trans fats a food has, it can be considered better in terms of nutritional quality than a food that is composed entirely of simple sugars and that would have a greater impact on health. But this does NOT mean that a food for the simple fact of being healthy will help you “get skinny” or that a food for the simple fact of being unhealthy will make you “fatten”, of course not, it all depends on the amount of calories you consume at the end of the day for weeks/months/years which will have an effect on your weight.

The ideal is to keep track of calories and cover with the amount of Macronutrients according to your goals.

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