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The "Skinny Fat" Fix


Hi Everyone!

Today I want to break down the meaning, purpose, and strategy of Recomposition.

Recomposition is a training style that allows you to lose body fat and build muscle simultaneously.

There are many different types of body composition categories that someone can fall into. One of the most common and hardest body types to manage is the "Skinny Fat" body type. This refers to someone who may be skinny and lacking muscle in their upper body, while holding stubborn body fat in their midsection. This body type is a very difficult one to manage for a few reasons. You may be working out frequently trying to build muscle, but avoiding food and doing cardio to lose weight to the extent that your body is not getting what it needs to build and stay healthy. As this cycle continues and your body becomes more deprived, cravings and food binges may start to take over... leading you right back to square one. You've put in lots of work, yet still haven't seen much progress in muscle growth, and haven't been able to keep off any body fat. This is where most people would give up and assume they just have bad genetics, or think they just haven't been working hard enough and aren't willing to do more. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

I was stuck in this cycle for a long time. Learning and understanding how Recomposition works and how to execute it was the knowledge I needed to finally see a difference and get where I wanted to be.

A successful Recomposition relies on proper training, and maintaining a HIGH PROTEIN diet while staying in a MINOR calorie deficit (around 200 calories below maintenance). Tracking and understanding your food intake is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect. Your body needs protein in order to efficiently build muscle. People who workout constantly to grow, but at the same time only eat salads and skip meals in order to lose weight, are running themselves in circles to nowhere. A proper training program paired with a nutrition plan tailored to your bodies specific needs is the 100% guaranteed way to see results as quickly as possible. Everyone's body is different, and understanding what YOUR body needs is the key to success for any diet or exercise plan.

If you're looking for a personalized plan to help you achieve a successful Recomposition... click here, and PERFITNESS will help get you where you want to be.

-Hunter W.


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