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What to eat after and before working out?

Wondering what to eat before and after a workout? Here is a nutrition guide on what to eat, importance and reality.

If you want to get the most workout, keep up with these new habits and see changes, what you eat is quite important, and the most important is how you fuel your body beforehand and afterwards.


Fueling your body with the correct nutrients can help you extend your endurance and give you sufficient energy when working out, and so to do the workouts in the correct way reducing injuries and soreness on the next day.

What is the most important nutrient to have before a workout? CARBS are a necessity if you are working out.

Carbohydrates are our main source of energy, we convert carbs to glucose and store them as glycogen in liver and muscle. We use glycogen when blood glucose is depleted. This happens when working out, this storage of glycogen will deplete faster or slower depending on the exercise.

We use muscle glycogen when doing a short, high-intensity physical activity, like ball sports, sprinting, weight lifting or when exceeding 60 to 0 minutes of moderate workout. When doing a low intensity long duration workout we use glycogen, glucose and fat storage, this when we do more than 90 minutes.

So knowing this we need to have carbs that are easy to digest and absorb before a workout. Foods that are low fiber easy to digest and absorb like Honey, brea, granola, sports bars and others like listed below.

As it is important to have carbs, we have enough protein that will help to slow down the absorption of carbs and use better, and use as a second energy source, like yogurt, cheese, nut, peanut butter.

Fats will help you feel satiated and will be a fuel source when doing longer workouts. But it's important not to have much fat because it may cause an upset stomach, this is because fat takes longer to digest. Foods likes nuts, oils, high fat cheeses,

If you are having a workout that's more than 60 minutes, a full meal for 2 or 4 hours will get you enough energy and allow digestion. To maximize the energy storage a high energy snack 30 to 60 minutes is important to have a better performance.

30 to 60 minutes SNACKS

  • Banana with peanut butter

  • Saltines with honey

  • Sport bar

  • Trail mix with dried fruit, seeds, peanuts, chocolate chips

  • Greek yogurt and fresh fruit

  • Bagel with cheese cream and an egg.

  • Granola BAR

  • Fruit smoothie with yogurt or low fat milk

  • Pre Workout supplement

  • Dried Fruit


As well as it is important to have enough fuel, you need to restore your storage fuels , rehydrating and resting, this will help repair and build muscle.

The most recommended is to eat a snack 15 to 30 minutes after the workout is done,, a full meal should be taken within 2 hours of working out. This is known as nutrient timing that is essential for the recovery process and reduces stress after the workout.

If it's difficult to have a meal or snack before working out, a protein shake can be a great option, as well as a protein bar. This can hold you a little bit longer but you must have a full complex meal.

The important thing to have is sufficient protein in order to repair damaged muscle tissues and stimulate growth. An adequate consumption of carbohydrates to replace the glucose stores and stabilize blood sugar. The ratio you should have 4:1 grams of carbs and protein. LIke low fat chocolate milk, per serving has 27 grams of carbs and 8 grams of protein.

After a workout all your resting meals should have at least 20 to 40 grams each. Here are some food options:

SNACK 10 to 15 mintes after

  • Chocolate milk

  • Crackers with peanut butter

  • Trail mix with dried fruit

  • Protein energy bar

  • Protein shake

  • Fruit and nuts

  • Smoothie with yogurt and protein

MEALS, tops 2 hours after workout

  • Scrambled Eggs with cottage cheese, avocado toast and fruits.

  • Sandwich with cheese and ham .

  • Tuna Sandwich, with crackers.

  • Grilled chicken breast, potato or pasta and cooked veggies.

  • Oatmeal with fresh fruit and nuts

  • Sandwich with scrambled eggs

  • Cottage cheese with fruits, nuts, and honey

  • Peanut Butter- chocolate - mango smoothie

  • Burrito with chicken, beans and cheese

Working out on the daily is important to have a great health, and to get the most out the workout is necessary to have a great nutrition after and before hand, in reality is important to have a great nutrition on every meal to life the bes life.


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