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Why train your balance?

With age; all of us are going to lose the feeling of being stabile on our feet, what that does is increasing our risk of getting injured by falling. So helping yourself now with working on your balance will help you in the long run to prevent injuries and strengthen your muscles. Balance is one of the building stones of fitness along with strength, endurance, and flexibility. So why would you skip one of the steps to build a strong foundation? It's easy to implement balance-training into your regular workout program but also to include it in your everyday life. You can for example practice balance by walking on uneven surfaces, or even walk on your tippi toes! To implement it in your workout program, you can focus on always have one to two exercises that is on one leg or an unstable surface. But keep in mind don't do any exercises that are upright dangerous, for example a barbell squat on a bosu ball; instead do body weight squats on the bosu! Working on your balance now will not only help you when you are getting older, it also helps increasing your muscle power, improve your running technique, improve coordination, and to improve your posture. So please, do yourself a favor and give your balance-training some serious love!


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