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Yo-Yo Dieting

What does yo-yo diet mean? To simplify it, it means losing weight, regaining it and then diet down again(turns into an evil cycle). It causes the weight to go up and down like a yo-yo. This diet is more common in women 30% than men 10%. It can feel good at first because you decided to make a change and finally loose the extra weight that’s been bothering you for a while, but then it makes it impossible to sustain because of hard dieting that makes you feel depressed or fatigued. And you will go back to old habits or even binge more that will make your rapidly gain back the weight you lost.

Studies shows that there’s no negative effect on your metabolism in the long-term, which means that you can succeed in future attempts to shed pounds or having a healthy diet and a regular physical activity. But just because it doesn’t have a negative effect on your metabolism, it doesn’t mean it’s a good diet to maintain.

So whats some of the negative effects that yo-yo dieting can lead to:

• It can lead to muscle loss. • Rapid weight gain leads to fatty liver.

• An increased risk of diabetes.

• An increased risk of heart disease.

• it can increase blood pressure. • Short-term thinking prevents long-term lifestyle changes.

What can you do to break the habit of yo-yo dieting? here’s a list on some factors that can help:

• Make your diet a lifestyle; make it YOUR diet, not A diet. • Don’t be to hard on yourself; give yourself encouragements. • Find what motivates you; find your “why” for you to want to diet. • Make exercising a rutin; exercise causes your hunger hormone levels to drop and your satiety hormones to rise. • Stay hydrated; drinking water throughout the day and during meals helps digestion, it makes you feel fuller and facilitates the burning of fat. • Aviod unrealistic expectations; be patient, weight loss takes time.

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