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Have breakfast or not?

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is something we have all heard. But the health benefits of consuming a regular breakfast have been exaggerated.

Team breakfast people mention observational studies that show that, on average, those who don’t eat breakfast have a higher BMI (Body Mass Index)

However, meta-analysis have found that in many cases, there’s no relationship between people's body weight and whether they eat breakfast or not. That is because clinical trials have shown that personal preference is a critical factor.

We are very diverse and therefore individual characteristics must be taken into account.

Some people wake up hungry; others don’t (and find eating in the morning unpleasant)

However, some people may skip breakfast because they are busy and rushed, and these people will probably have different experiences of breakfast skipping than the people who simply aren’t hungry right after waking up.

Sometimes, skipping breakfast can increase the likelihood of overeating at night or during the day. A 500 calorie breakfast that isn’t eaten at 8 am could easily become 1500 calorie cupboard raid at 9 pm.

Other times, clients who skip breakfast simply get around eating when they are hungry and go on with their day feeling perfectly satisfied. They don’t overeat to compensate later.

Individual responses vary, so don’t try to force yourself into an eating pattern that doesn’t feel good to you or that you can’t maintain.

Other popular claim is that skipping breakfast can “collapse” your metabolism. But studies in lean and overweight people have shown that skipping breakfast does not slow down the metabolic rate at rest. That is, don’t worry, your metabolism will not slower if you don’t have breakfast.

However, the mantra “Don’t skip breakfast” could be valid for people with glucosa regulation problems.

So, here is the truth:

You don’t need to have breakfast to be healthy or lose weight.

You should base the decision of whether or not to eat breakfast on your personal preferences and goals.

Feel free to experiment to see if you want to maje skipping breakfast a habit or not.

We have had several clients who thought that breakfast was the most important thing and therefore, despite not liking it, they forced themselves to eat breakfast and had a bad time, when explaining to them that science has proven that breakfast is not essential and that this decision should be taking into account the individual preferences and respondes has been a great relief for them, for this reason we share that information with you, there is nothing wrong with not having breakfast but there is nothing wrong with having breakfast either, so it depends on each person, do what works best for you!

Thank your for reading!!


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